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SUPPORT mentoring program

The Establishment is part of the second phase of a mentoring project (SUPPORT) coordinated by the Freie Universität. Within this project, a coordinator and 12-14 student peers (recruited from 2nd and 3rd year and specifically trained) organize a mentoring programme for incoming students that consists of small group activities related to study expectations, working and learning strategies, study organization and time management and related subjects. In addition to the small group peer-to-peer mentoring in first year, specific one-day workshops with internal and external lecturers are organized by the mentoring coordinator for 5th semester student (transition into the clinical phase, with focus on communication skills) and 7th year students (exit phase, focus on working in the veterinary profession).


Name: Dr. Laura Schüller

Phone: +49 30 838 50422

E-Mail: mentoring@vetmed.fu-berlin.de