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Mentoring program

Get off to a relaxed start with the mentoring program

Get off to a relaxed start with the mentoring program

At the beginning of your studies, you are not only dealing with new content, but also often with completely different working methods than at high school. Autonomous learning, researching, presenting, scientific working techniques and much more are required. Dates, deadlines, the new place of residence and jobs to finance studies also need to be coordinated. You need to find your way around the complex, new university environment. Wouldn't it be great if you could get support from experienced fellow students?

The mentoring program of the School of Veterinary Medicine offers first-year students the opportunity to take part in group mentoring sessions with around ten mentees during the current semester, which are conducted by experienced students who have been trained as mentors. In various mentoring meetings, they support their mentees in reflecting on their study expectations, develop suitable learning and working strategies with them and provide important orientation information as well as help with organizing their studies. The mentees can exchange ideas with fellow students and discuss all questions relating to their studies with their mentor on an equal footing. The aim of the mentoring programme is to support students at the start of their studies so that they can begin their studies in a structured manner, complete them in a targeted manner and successfully deal with examinations, study organization and internships.

Requirements and deadlines are announced in the summer semester.

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