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Become a mentee

Be part of the mentoring program!

Be part of the mentoring program!

Registration for mentoring for first-year students in winter semester 23/24 is now open!

After registering, all students get randomly assigned to a mentoring group. The mentoring sessions are led by experienced students from the (pre-)clinical semesters who have been selected and trained for this task. The mentors get to know each other for the first time during the Freshers' Days. Students then meet with their mentor in groups of around ten people on at least five dates during the first two semesters to discuss learning and study content, questions about exam preparation and topics relating to the organization of their studies. In the mentoring groups, you can exchange ideas with your fellow students and receive useful tips and advice about your studies. Your mentor will develop individual learning and working strategies with you and support you in organizing your studies and preparing for exams.

All first-year students receive more detailed information about mentoring during the orientation week.

If you have any questions about mentoring, please send an e-mail to mentoring@vetmed.fu-berlin.de.

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