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Become a mentor

We unravel confusion!

We unravel confusion!

Are you studying veterinary medicine or equine science and interested in working as a mentor?

Each mentor leads a group mentoring session with around ten first-year students. After completing a thorough training course, you will conduct at least five mentoring sessions during the first year of study.

As a mentor you

  • prepare your sessions and invite your mentees to join them

  • lead the discussions during the sessions and moderate them

  • provide important orientation information and help with organizing your studies

  • develop suitable learning and working strategies with your mentees

  • support the networking of first-year students with each other

  • be available as a contact person for your mentees during the current semester

  • coordinate with the mentoring department and

  • take part in the accompanying group coaching with the other mentors in your department, which is offered by your mentoring department

All mentors are required to take part in a certified training course offered by Freie Universität's career service prior to their work. It is possible to have participation in the qualification recognized as elective credits. Participation in the qualification program is mandatory for the activity as a mentor.

In addition you

  • will acquire counseling and conversation skills

  • learn various group work, moderation and presentation techniques

  • deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge of learning strategies, self-management, time management and academic work

  • receive a comprehensive portfolio of working materials

  • network with other mentors in your subject area and

  • receive a meaningful certificate of your qualification and activity as a mentor

Each mentor concludes an agreement with the mentoring department on a mentoring activity for which they receive an expense allowance of €13.00 per hour (max. €520 for 40 hours worked).

All interested students from the 3rd semester onwards can apply for mentoring. Application requirements and deadlines are announced in the summer semester

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