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Studiengang Pferdewissenschaften

Dear students of Equine Sciences,

welcome to the lecture „Angewandte Anatomie des Pferdes“.

Teaching content is comprised of theoretical and practical parts, including examining live horses. You are going to palpate bones, tendons and muscles as well as blood vessels. Different anatomical specimens are at your disposal to enhance theoretical teaching material. Please find handouts on anatomy lectures on BLACKBOARD.

Please expect the following key subjects: skeleton, joints, muscle goups of various body parts, ligaments, suspensory ligaments, suspensor apparatus, patella mechanism, skin/ hide, hair, preputium, mammary gland, nervous system, respiratory passages, back, jugular furrow, jugular vein, air sac, lymph nodes, tonge, nose, larynx, thorax, stomach, vertebral column, teeth, age determination by teeth examination.