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Insights into studying & teaching at the School of Veterinary Medicine

Interviews with the teaching award winners Bröer and Herre

Congratulations! In the “preclinical training” category, Christina Herre was awarded this year's prize for her course lesson “Abdominalitus” as part of the course “Anatomy I – Situs” for the 2nd semester. Prof. Sonja Bröer received the teaching award in the “clinical training” category for the galenic practical course in her subject “Drug and Narcotics Law” in the 7th semester.

Feb 22, 2024

(Equine) science meets practice

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, equine science students hosted a public lecture conference in the School of Veterinary Medicine's Equine Clinic Lecture Hall.

Oct 17, 2023

VetCam Berlin wins poster competition

Congratulations! With her project “VetCam Berlin – Streaming aus dem tiermedizinischen Alltag”  Fabienne Eichler won the poster competition of Freie Universität's theme week on teaching in June.

Jul 10, 2023

Code of ethics by students for students

At the School of Veterinary Medicine's teaching day on May 25, Prof. Christa Thöne-Reineke , director of the Institute of Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior and Laboratory Animal Science and animal welfare officer at Freie Universität, and Prof. Diana Meemken , Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene, working group for Meat Hygiene, presented a Code of Ethics that has never been seen before in Germany. Participants in her elective subject formulated their ethical standards as students of Veterinary Medicine in ten points. Thomas Conrad, one of the eleven students involved, and Christa Thöne-Reineke answered questions about the motivation and reason, as well as critical situations and discussion points relating to the new Code of Ethics.

Jun 06, 2023

Career Day

Mar 07, 2023