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Study & teaching

The study of veterinary medicine starts with the winter semester, which beginns in mid-October and ends mid-February of the following year. The Institute of Veterinary Physiology will provide the course "Physiology I" for students of veterinary medicine during this time. This is supplemented by teaching talks, which are held as small group seminars. They serve to consolidate knowledge acquired through lectures and self-study. At the same time, the knowledge of the students in the relevant sub-field of physiology is examined in the form of a test certificate in order to prepare the candidates for the examination in veterinary physiology.

In the summer semester the series of lectures "Physiologie II" runs. It begins in mid-April and ends in mid-July. This is supported by the physiological exercises, in which the students are given the opportunity to apply and acquire their knowledge acquired in Physiology I and II. In the following winter semester, the course is finished by the Physiology III block.

Information on times and places can be found in the current announcements on the bulletin board

In order to prepare and prepare the lecture contents, the lecturers provide accompanying materials such as lecture handouts or access to selected multimedial media.

These contents are accessed via the "Blackboard" learning platform of Free University of Berlin.

Gehe zu Blackboard für Veterinärmedizinstudenten

Elective courses from the physiological environment round out the offer of the institute for the students of veterinary medicine. They are also announced in the announcements on the bulletin board.

In addition, lectures are held for students of the agricultural and fishery sciences, as well as students of the Humbold University. The lecture series "Biology of the Animals" is taught by professors from different disciplines. also taught veterinary physiology.