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The examination in the subject 'Physiology' is conducted in accordance with the TAppV (= Verordnung zur Approbation von Tierärztinnen und Tierärzten / Ordinance on the Licensing of Veterinarians) regulations specified in subsection 3, the anatomical-physiological section of the veterinary preliminary examination (Physikum).

The Physikum comprises the examination subjects

  1. Anatomy
  2. Histology und embryology
  3. Physiology
  4. Biochemy
  5. Animal breeding and genetics including animal evaluation

In the physiology examination subject, students must solve or evaluate a practical exercise in the field of physiology and explain it and demonstrate their knowledge of the physiological principles of life processes and the normal functioning of individual organ systems and their regulation in the organism as a whole. Nutritional physiology must be taken into account.

The examination takes place in a direct exchange between student and examiner, i.e. orally.
It can be repeated twice if the student fails.

To improve oral skills, various formats are used as part of physiology training, most of which are completed in dialog:

  • In the pre-seminars for the physiological exercises, the knowledge required to carry out the physiological exercises is discussed in small groups in the form of a teaching discussion. Together, the pre-seminar (3rd semester) and exercises (4th semester) have the didactic goal of supporting you in working through the subject matter of almost all physiology topics taught during your studies. Accordingly, we expect you to prepare for these courses. We will assess your knowledge in the form of several tests (pass or fail). If your knowledge is not sufficient, you will be given two further opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge in the relevant area in multiple-choice exams.
  • The physiological exercises involve practical work. At the end of each exercise, a short oral test is scheduled in which you must demonstrate whether you have sufficiently internalized the learning objectives and basic principles of the experiment. If your knowledge is not sufficient, you will be given the opportunity for a protocol session in which you summarize the basics of the experiment again. During this time, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of another topic in a multiple-choice exam. Here too, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam twice, with the second retake being oral.