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Research Projects

Parasitologic studies on great bustard

A doctoral student is conducting research into the parasites, which are found in the edagered great bustard. The great bustard is native to our region. In close cooperation with the members of the Förderverein Großtrappen e.V., fecal samples were collected from free-living birds, stationary patients and reared birds. Those samples are examined in regard to their significance for the wild population. Deceased animals are examined pathologically. The results are intended to contribute to Great Bustard conservation projects.

Stressed chicken scale

A scale for assessing stress in chickens was developed as part of a doctoral thesis. This Stressed Chicken Scale (SCS) shows a side view a chickens displaying certain body signals that are described in the poultry literature in connection with discomfort. Scales such as these are used in the field of laboratory animal research, e.g. in the form of facial expressions/grimace scales. However, they can also be a usefull tool for training and educational purpose. 

In the further course of the project, it is planned to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) in cooperation with colleagues from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), with which an automated stress assessment of chicken should be possible.

Other projects

Other projects deal with investigations into the occurrence, characterization and importance of avian adenoviruses in poultry and investigations into the occurrence of viruses in connection with hepatitis in turkeys.