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Faculty & Staff

Univ.-Professor, Dr. med. vet. Marcus G. Doherr, PhD, Dipl. ECVPH

Head of Institute, Associate Dean for Education (2015-2019), National specialist for veterinary epidemiology, Diplomate of the European College for Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH), Co-Editor-in-Chief of Preventive Veterinary Medicine

+49 30 838 71714


PD Dr. med. vet. Roswitha Merle , Dipl. ECVPH

Senior Scientist

Deputy Head of the Institute, Leader of Working Group Applied Epidemiology, Veterinary Specialist in Epidemiology, Visiting Professor at Shandong Agricultural University

+49 30 838 75096


Prof. Dr. Vitaly Belik

Assistant Professor

Leader of Working Group System Modelling

+49 30 838 61129

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Vitaly Belik

Majella Albrecht

External Staff

Doctoral candidate, external ECVPH Resident

+49 30 838 58907

Majella Albrecht

Dr. Racem Ben Romdhane




Damiano Ferrari

Student Assistant

Former Staff


  • FU, Freie Universität Berlin , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institute for Biometrics and Data Processing, WE16, Staff