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PerformaNat (spin-off) receives investment from HTGF ...

Die 3 PerformaNAT-Gründerinnen

Die 3 PerformaNAT-Gründerinnen

News from Mar 03, 2017

PerformaNat receives investment from German startup fund HTGF and other investors

The Start-up PerformaNat, a Berlin-based spin-off of the Institute of Veterinary Physiology of the Freie Universität Berlin, closed a seven-digit investment round. PerformaNat is focused on the development of feed additives for livestock. Proceeds from the financing round will drive the development of new, innovative ingredients.

PerformaNat’s technology, which enables the generation of innovative feed additives, was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Veterinary Physiology of the Freie Universität Berlin in several years of research. Initially, the founders Dr. Julia Rosendahl, Hannah Braun and Katharina Schrapers were supported by Profund Innovation, the service agency for knowledge and technology transfer of the research department at the Freie Universität. With funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy from the EXIST Research Transfer program, the team has already developed a first feed additive product for dairy cows, which has been licensed to an international distribution partner in the field of veterinary health sector and is available on the market. The next step is to leverage the technology for the development of products for other application in the field.

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