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Family festival for students, doctoral candidates and lecturers with children

On April 11, 2024, a colorful mix of students, doctoral candidates and lecturers came together at the department. Colorful above all because this meeting was specifically aimed at parents and their children at the department.

News from Apr 19, 2024

This special event was organized by Beate Benjamin, Prof. Isabelle Ruhnke, Stephan Birk, Lena Sonnenschein-Swanson and Miriam Juchem (family service). All of them are parents themselves and are committed to supporting families.

The set goal: to network parents at the faculty and make them more visible!

A small accompanying program was created with short presentations:

  • Studying with children by Lena Sonnenschein-Swanson,
  • doctorate with children by Veronica Duckwitz and
  • Career to professorship with children by Prof. Isabelle Ruhnke.

The atmosphere was relaxed, easy-going and colorful. This was supported by the childcare provided by the Agentur Pünktchen and financed by the Dean's Office. This was particularly well received by children aged three and over. Everyone else found themselves on the shared crawling blanket with the younger babies.

There were discussions about first teeth, childcare situations, mental health and the general compatibility of children with and in the field of veterinary medicine.

A special thanks goes to Prof. Marcus Doherr and Tamara Baruth not only for providing the premises at the Institute of Biometry, but also for the warm welcome and support in the preparations and follow-up work. Further thanks go to Dr. Kosmol and Mr. Schreiber for their administrative support and for providing drinks.

After such a good start, this form of celebration is to take place regularly twice a year.


Text: Lena Sonnenschein-Swanson

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