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Call for a research trainee (Praedoc) ends 14.09.2020

We are looking for a research trainee (praedoc) at the Institut of Immunology, part of the Centre for Infection Medicin at the department of Veterinary Medicine of the Freie Universität Berlin. Your place of work will be in the group of Univ.Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartmann Contract period: max. 3 years Calls ends 14.09.2020

Sep 07, 2020

Publikationen 2019

Sep 03, 2019

Feierliche Verleihung des Lehrpreises der Freien Universität

Quelle: Pressemitteilung Nr. 0152/2019 vom 27.05.2019 der Freien Universität Berlin

Jun 07, 2019