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Searching books, e-books and journals

The library portal Primo serves as the central search engine for searching books and e-books at the inventory of the Freie Universität. Primo is available at http://primo.fu-berlin.de/.

You can search using either the simple or advanced search slot. Multiple search terms are automatically combined with AND. You can also use the logical operators OR and NOT. A phrase search enclosed in quotation marks is also possible. The advanced search gives you more precise, field-specific search options.

In the result list you can use facets to filter relevant results. For example, if you only want to display books from the Veterinary Medicine Library's collection, this can be done using the "Library" facet.

If a book is not available at the Freie Universität, it can be ordered through interlibrary loan or suggested for purchase.

The journal collection of the FU libraries are also listed in Primo. Many journals are only available online or in addition to the print version also have an online version. Availability is only guaranteed in the FU network.

Online access to journals is indicated by the notice "Online available" in Primo. To access the individual articles, click on the link "Open source in a new window" in the tab "Online Resource". Please mind the notice which issues of a journal are available online.