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Searching in Primo / the FU catalog

The library portal Primo is the discovery system of the FU university library and offers access to local and external resources as a library catalogue. Primo contains books, e-books, journals and journal articles, book chapters as well as digital objects from the inventory of the FU libraries and a mega-index with almost one billion data sets.

Primo offers the possibility to access your user account. The system displays loans, purchase orders and payment transactions. There is also the option to extend loan periods and place orders or reservations.

Further information on how to register for Primo and the functions in the user account can be found on the pages of the university library. We can also recommend the video tutorials (in German).

When looking for literature, it is possible to choose between different search areas. It can be searched directly in the megaindex of Primo, including the FU library catalogue. Furthermore, it is possible to only search the FU catalogue:

  • Licensed e-books and books with free access from the Primo megaindex (e.g. from institutional repositories, open access platforms, etc.) can be found in the Primo search area. If there is corresponding metadata in the Primo megaindex, individual book chapters can also be found.
  • In the search area FU catalog you will find books and journals in print and licensed e-books and e-journals. Book chapters or journal articles are not part of this list.

Help on how to use Primo and useful research tips can be found here: http://isis.ub.fu-berlin.de/HilfePrimo/doku.php