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Interlibrary lending

  1. Please check in advance whether the desired literature is available in our library. Please query the FU catalog, which contains both monographs and journals with the respective location details. For recent journal articles, please check whether they are already available in electronic form. If the literature is listed as located in our library, we kindly ask the user at the Campus Düppel to visit the library. For our academic staff from the Dahlem or Mitte area we offer the use of the prepared order form in the FU network or by using the VPN.

  2. For the academic staff of the department we will take take care of the process, if literature needs to be procured from another library. In this case, please enter your request in the prepared order form.

  3. In principle, doctoral students must procure the literature by themselves. However, we will be happy to help you with difficult bibliographic research.