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AG Stammzellforschung

Dr. Linda Drössler

Dr. Linda Drössler
Bildquelle: privat (mit 'Hoover')

Dr. Linda Drößler
Königsweg 56, Hs. 11
14163 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 838 66936
E-Mail: linda.droessler@fu-berlin.de

Die Arbeitsgruppe Stammzellforschung widmet sich der Entwicklung und Anwendung von Stammzell-basierten Modellen verschiedener Tierarten, um ein besseres Verständnis für verschiedene physiologische Prozesse zu gewinnen.

Stem cells are cells that are able to transform themselves into different cell types. Thanks to this property, it is possible for stem cells to differentiate into certain cell types outside the body if they are cultivated appropriately. This makes it possible to create suitable in vitro ('in glass') models that replicate the living organism as closely as possible.

One example of this are so-called 'organoids', which are derived from stem cells and can reproduce the complex cell composition of various organs (Fig. 1).
These models can therefore be used to research (patho-)physiological processes.

Darm-Organoid aus den Stammzellen vom Dünndarm eines Schweines

Figure 1: Intestinal organoid from the stem cells of the small intestine of a pig.
Similar to living organisms, the organoids form villus- and crypt-like structures.