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B. Career changers from the fields of biology, biophysics, human medicine/dentistry, agricultural science or similar subjects

  • Crediting of coursework (certificates) or examinations

    Depending on the course of study and the respective course content, certificates and examinations, e.g. in the subjects “Botanik der Futter-, Gift- und Heilpflanzen, Zoologie, Physik” and Organic/Inorganic Chemistry can be recognized. However, recognition is only granted as part of an admission procedure at Freie Universität Berlin. This means that an application for recognition can only be submitted once enrollment for the first semester at Freie Universität Berlin has taken place. The application for recognition of study and examination achievements should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Examination Board for the Preliminary Veterinary Examination an the School of Veterinary Medicine. Advice on possible recognition of study and examination achievements prior to enrollment is not possible.

  • Placement in higher semesters

    Placement in higher semesters is usually not possible for students transferring from other subjects, as specific Veterinary Medicine courses such as anatomy and histology from the first semester are prerequisites for admission to the second semester. An application would therefore only be possible for the first semester.