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We are pleased that you are interested in studying Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin.

Admission to Freie Universität Berlin is a prerequisite for the grading of coursework and examinations.

The Ordinance on the Licensing of Veterinarians (TAppV), which has been in effect since October 1, 2006, brings with it changes that affect the recognition of study and examination achievements. According to § 65 of the TAppV, the following are recognized in full or in part, provided that equivalence is given

  • Periods of related studies at a university in Germany,
  • periods of temporary veterinary medicine studies abroad.

According to § 66 of the TAppV, the university of the state

  • in which the applicant is enrolled or admitted to study Veterinary Medicine or
  • has submitted an application for enrollment or admission to study Veterinary Medicine

decides on recognition. As a consequence of this, recognition notices from other countries or from other universities will no longer be recognized at Freie Universität as of October 1, 2006.

  • Step 1: Admission

    This means that you must first submit an application for a higher semester for a semester corresponding to your academic performance. Individual recognition of achievements outside of an admission procedure is not possible, as they are not valid for other educational institutions anyway. For the admission procedure, we would like to refer you to the central pages of Freie Universität Berlin. Here you will find the relevant information on application and admission as well as the relevant forms. Admission is only possible for the semester that coincides with the current semester. This means that in the summer semester admission is only possible for the 2nd/4th/6th/8th semester and in the winter semester only for the 3rd/5th/7th semester.

    Applications must only be sent to the Central Admissions Office of Freie Universität Berlin. Do not send any documents to the School of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin, please.

  • Step 2: Assessment of academic achievements to lift the reservation of admission

    Once you have been granted admission by the Admissions Office in the online admission procedure, you will receive a written confirmation with detailed information in the next few days. In this letter, you will be asked to lift the reservation of admission. To do so, please send an informal application by e-mail to the Chair of the Committee for the Veterinary Preliminary Examination in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Mahtab Bahramsoltani. In addition to the scanned first page of the letter of admission, you will also need the confirmed transcript of records of your successfully completed coursework.

    Students from domestic educational institutions receive these directly from the study and examination offices; students from Szent István University apply for the transcript of records to be sent directly to the student secretariat there, which forwards the transcript of records directly to the chairman of the committee for the preliminary veterinary examination in Berlin.

    The chair of the examination board will check the documents submitted and decide on the semester classification. You will receive the placement decision by email in a timely manner.

  • Step 3: Lifting the reservation of approval

    Please send the letter of recognition for the relevant semester together with the other required documents to the Admissions Office so that you can finally enrol.

  • Crediting of coursework (certificates) or examinations

    Depending on the course of study and the respective course content, certificates and examinations, e.g. in the subjects “Botanik der Futter-, Gift- und Heilpflanzen, Zoologie, Physik” and Organic/Inorganic Chemistry can be recognized. However, recognition is only granted as part of an admission procedure at Freie Universität Berlin. This means that an application for recognition can only be submitted once enrollment for the first semester at Freie Universität Berlin has taken place. The application for recognition of study and examination achievements should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Examination Board for the Preliminary Veterinary Examination an the School of Veterinary Medicine. Advice on possible recognition of study and examination achievements prior to enrollment is not possible.

  • Placement in higher semesters

    Placement in higher semesters is usually not possible for students transferring from other subjects, as specific Veterinary Medicine courses such as anatomy and histology from the first semester are prerequisites for admission to the second semester. An application would therefore only be possible for the first semester.

Graduates of the Erasmus program apply for the equivalence of their study and examination achievements to the chairman of the examination board for the veterinary examination by submitting a complete list of your achievements and your study and examination documents in writing. You can find the applications here.

You can find information on the exchange of study places here.