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Active research is a core mission of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and is tightly linked to our undergraduate training, graduate education. Our activities include a wide spectrum of clinical research for the benefit or our patients as well as several fields of interdisciplinary research with a strong dedication to the One Health Concept towards the welfare of animals, humans and the environment. Strong alliances with regional, national and international partners are integral components of our scientific achievements that are reflected by excellent and continuous publication records. The endeavors by our Faculty members with many being leaders in their fields are financially endowed by substantial extramural fundings from the German Research Council, the European Research Council, governmental institutions, industrial partners and private donations. Focuses of our interdisciplinary research activities include:

  • Infection Medicine: Mechanisms, spread, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, including zoonoses (infections transmittable to or by humans)

  • Therapeutic resistance of infectious agents

  • Safety and Quality of food from animals

  • Animal welfare, both in companion animals and farm animals, including the 3R concept

  • Translational research and further research activities