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Leica DMi8 Fluorescence- and Phase-Contrast Microscope

Leica DMi8

Leica DMi8

The microscope is equipped with a monochrome camera for fluorescence imaging and a color camera for classical histological stainings. It also offers a motorized XY-stage for tile scans of larger areas and a motorized Z-axis to acquire image stacks. Transmitted light imaging is possible using brightfield and phase contrast techniques.


  • Inverted research microscope DMi8
  • HP Z4 workstation
  • LAS X Premium
  • Objectives:
      • HC PL FLUOTAR 10x/0,32 PH1 (Art.-Nr. 11506522)
      • HC PL FLUOTAR L 40x/0,60 CORR PH2 (Art.-Nr.11506203)
      • HC PL FLUOTAR L 63x/0,70 CORR PH2 (Art.-Nr.11506217)
      • HC PL FLUOTAR 100x/1,32 OIL PH3 (Art.-Nr.11506526)
  • Leica DFC9000 GT 4,2 MP sCMOS camera
  • Leica MC170 HD color camera
  • Phase contrast
  • CoolLED 3 fluorescence light source
  • Fluorescence filter:
      • LED 405 (excitation: 405/60; dichroic: 455; emission: 470/40)
      • GFP (excitation: BP 470/40; dichroic: 495; dmission: BP 525/50)
      • Y3 (excitation: BP 545/25; dichroic: 565; dmission: BP 605/70)
      • Y5 (excitation: BP 620/60; dichroic: 660; dmission: BP 700/75)