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Recent Research

Yordanova et al.

The worm-specific immune response in multiple sclerosis patients receiving controlled Trichuris suis ova immunotherapy

Midha et al.

Trilateral relationship: ascaris, microbiota, and host cells

Hamid et al.

Early immune initiation by porcine cells following Toxoplasma gondii infection versus TLR ligation

Schlosser-Brandenburg et al.

Influence of nutrition and maternal bonding on postnatal lung development in the newborn pig

Midha et al.

Lectin-mediated bacterial modulation by the intestinal
nematode Ascaris suum

Ebner et al.

A helminth-derived chitinase structurally similar to mammalian
chitinase displays immunomodulatory properties in inflammatory lung disease

Ebner et al.

CD4+ Th immunogenicity of the Ascaris spp. secreted products

Schmidt et al.

The domestic pig as human-relevant large animal model to study adaptive antifungal immune responses against airborne Aspergillus fumigatus

Pieper et al.

Toward a porcine in vivo model to analyze the pathogenesis of TLR5-dependent enteropathies

Yordanova et al.

Eosinophils are dispensable for the regulation of IgA and Th17 responses in Giardia muris infection