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Short Curative Internship

First section of the practical training in the curative veterinary practice 
(in short: short curative internship (kleines kuratives Praktikum) pursuant to sections 57(1), 58 and 59 TAppV)


150 hours within at least 4 weeks, consecutive

  • No earlier than after passing the propaedeutic examination (at the end of the 5th semester)

  • No later than before starting clinical rotations (start of the 9th semester)

Recommendation After exams at the end of the 5th (or 6th) semester
  • 150 hours within at least 4 weeks at one institution or
  • 75 hours each within at least 2 weeks at 2 different institutions
Institutions Veterinary practice, animal hospital

Sections 58 and 59 TAppV


EU country, other country that is a signatory to the Treaty on the European Economic Area, Switzerland


1 to 2 certificates pursuant to Annex 8 and 10 TAppV

Learning Objectives

For the learning objectives of the agricultural internship, please see the learning objective catalogue.


Evaluation can be carried out paper based or online. Please submit completed evaluation-forms (paper based) to the Dean’s Office. Evaluation Forms can be found in the broschure "Extramurale Praktika im Studiengang Veterinärmedizin".

Further information

For further information please see the broschure "Extramurale Praktika im Studiengang Veterinärmedizin" and the process description „ Evaluation of extramural practicals”.