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Long Curative Internship

Second section of the practical training in the curative veterinary practice (long curative internship)
(in short: long curative internship (großes kuratives Praktikum), sections 57(2), 58 and 59 TAppV)


700 hours within at least 16 weeks, consecutive per internship institution, taking into account the elective internship (sec. 60 TAppV).


Period of clinical rotations during the 9th and 10th semesters (October 1 through September 30 of the next year)

Allocation 1 to 4 different institutions, minimum duration 75 hours within 2 weeks per institution
Institutions Veterinary practice, Veterinary clinic
Requirements Sections 58 and 59 TAppV
Countries Germany; other countries by exception, after proof of equivalence has been provided


1 to 4 certificates pursuant to Annex 9 and 10 TAppV

Learning Objectives

For the learning objectives, please see the learning objective catalogue.


Please hand in the completed questionnaires together with your internship certificate in person at the Veterinary Medicine Library (Building 6, Oertzenweg 19 b, 14163 Berlin). Evaluation Forms can be found in the broschure "Extramurale Praktika im Studiengang Veterinärmedizin".

Further information

For further information please see the broschure "Extramurale Praktika im Studiengang Veterinärmedizin" and the process description „Evaluation of extramural practicals”.