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Internship Evaluations and Logbooks

The School of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin provides its students with catalogues of learning objectives [German version], German-wide standardized logbooks and German-wide standardized evaluation forms for the extramural internships (EPT) for both students and EPT providers. These lists encompass important activities that the students should see or perform as part of their internship.

In order to ensure a high standard of veterinary training and to improve the achievement of first-day competencies by graduates (ESEVT Day One Compentence), the school evaluates the EPTs both by the students and by the EPT providers and documents any activities carried out in the form of a separate logbook.

The booklet “Guide to EPT” [German version] provides the corresponding EPT certificates for each internship as well as logbooks and two evaluation forms - one for the students and one for the EPT providers.

The completed evaluation forms must be submitted personally to the Veterinary Library together with the completed logbook signed by the EPT provider and the EPT certificate.