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Insurance Coverage during Internships

Students at general universities or technical colleges complete an internship prescribed in the study or examination regulations either before, during or after the completion of their studies. Voluntary internships carried out in connection with your studies for reasons of expediency are also possible.

In the case of university or technical college internships, the university/technical college has no direct influence on the conduct or organisation of internships. During the internship, students are integrated into the organisational structure of the company, thus fulfilling the requirements for dependent employees (abhängig Beschäftigte) according to Section 2 Paragraph 1 (1) of the Social Code (SGB) VII. For the accident insurance assessment of internships, it is not relevant whether they are voluntary or a compulsory requirement according to the study or examination regulations. The accident insurance provider for the internship company is responsible (Section 133 Para. 1 SGB VII). Any practical activity in connection with your studies or doctorate that is/must be completed outside Germany is not usually covered by accident insurance, unless the social security law of the host country also provides for an entitlement to benefits for such activities.

In summary: If the internship takes place directly in the Faculty, you are insured against accidents by the University. If the internship takes place outside the University, the internship host must provide insurance cover. You must notify the responsible accident insurance provider.