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Insurance Coverage during Internships

Students at general higher education institutions or universities of applied sciences complete an internship required pursuant to their study or examination regulations before, during, or after completing their study programs. Internships that are not required, but are completed in connection with a degree program for practical purposes or reasons of expediency, are also conceivable.

In the case of internships completed for a general higher education institution or university of applied sciences, the educational institution does not have any direct influence on the manner in which the internships are conducted or the internship process. Students integrate themselves into the flow of work within the operation during the internship, so they meet the requirements to be considered dependent employees (abhängig Beschäftigte) pursuant to section 2 (1) (1) of the German Code of Social Laws (Sozialgesetzbuch – SGB) VII. It is immaterial in terms of evaluating the internships for purposes of accident insurance law whether the internships are necessarily required pursuant to the study or examination regulations or are completed voluntarily. The party responsible is the accident insurer responsible for the enterprise where the internship is completed (section 133 (1) SGB VII). If a participant engages in practical activity in another country in connection with his or her studies or doctoral candidacy, whether this activity is required or voluntary, there is generally no longer any accident insurance coverage unless the social insurance laws in the host country afford a claim to benefits for these kinds of activities as well.

In summary: If the internship takes place directly within the Department of Veterinary Medicine, you have accident insurance through the university. If it takes place outside the department, you need to be insured through the enterprise where the internship takes place. You need to report this to the relevant accident insurer.