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Agricultural Internship

pursuant to section 23 (1) (3) and para. 2 TAppV

General information Since 1 February 2022, the organisation and coordination of the practical agriculture, animal breeding and animal husbandry program and the agricultural internship has been organised and coordinated by the School of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin.

In accordance with TAppV, the following two variants exist:
1.    Organised agriculture, animal breeding and animal husbandry programme at a selected and recognised teaching farm
2.    Equivalent, self-organised internship in agricultural companies authorised to provide training

Please pay attention to the detailed information in the “Framework Conditions for Planning and Conducting the Practical Agriculture, Animal Breeding and Animal Husbandry Programme and Agricultural Internship”

Learning objectives

For the learning objectives, please see the learning objective catalogue.


Please submit the completed evaluation forms together with your internship certificate in person at the Veterinary Library (Building 6, Oertzenweg 19 b, 14163 Berlin). Evaluation forms and internship certificate can be found in the booklet “Guide to EPT” [German version].