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Students must give evidence for at least 6 elective courses (1 Course = 1 SWS = 14 hours) in the preclinical section and 16 courses in the clinical section. At the beginning of the clinical section students select one animal species track, (farming livestock, horses or pets and small animals), in which they complete 7 courses, the remaining 9 courses must be selected from the tracks research, Veterinary Public Health and others. Evidence of taking part in this course is a prerequisite for admission to the final exams. Electives offered can be found in the electronic course catalog of Freie Universität Berlin.

Registration is managed via Campus Management (SLCMS). Distribution takes place in two allocation courses from two weeks before the start of classes until a maximum of two weeks after the start of classes. In doing so, the chosen track, the preference, place restrictions on individual events as well as the presence of special needs (supervisory programs, disabilities etc.) are considered. Hardship is taken into account and a subsequent registration for events in SLCMS through the Study Office is possible. If the number of bookings for an event exceeds the number of places available, a selection is made in accordance with the selected preference.