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Admission to Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin

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Applicants without EU / EEA citizenship or German educational certificates

please inform yourself here.

Procedure for "Bildungsinländer"

German applicants, foreign applicants from member states of the European Union or another state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area as well as foreign and stateless applicants with a German university entrance qualification (so-called "Bildungsinländer")

  • Applications for the first semester are submitted via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (SfH) using the online procedure: Application portal of the Foundation for University Admission at hochschulstart.de
  • Applications for higher semesters are submitted via the FU application portal: Application Portal Freie Universität Berlin

The allocation of study places via hochschulstart.de takes place in several steps.

After the preliminary quotas for non-equivalent applicants, hardship cases, second degree applicants, medical officers of the German Armed Forces and applicants with special university entrance qualifications have been deducted, the remaining study places are allocated in the general selection procedure:

  1. The first 30% of study places ("Abiturbestquote") are allocated according to the average grade of the university entrance qualification (usually Abitur, based on state averages).
  2. The largest proportion of study places (60%) is allocated through a selection procedure at the universities (AdH)
  3. The last 10% of places are awarded via the so-called "Additional Aptitude Quota (ZEQ)", in which only selection criteria independent of school grades are used.

Re. 2nd: Selection procedure of the universities (60% of the study places)

60% of the remaining available study places are allocated through the selection procedure as part of the AdH quota. The following selection criteria apply:

  • The result of the university entrance qualification for the chosen degree course (grade and points).
  • The result of a subject-specific aptitude test for medical degree programs (TMS).
  • Recognized vocational training in the relevant field

A maximum of 100 selection points can be achieved in the selection procedure for the AdH quota. For the result of the university entrance qualification, the highest achievable score is 60 selection points. The highest achievable score for the result of the test for medical degree programs is 30 selection points. For recognized vocational training, 10 selection points are taken into account.

Re. 3rd: Additional aptitude quota (ZEQ) (10% of study places)

A maximum of 100 selection points can be achieved in the selection procedure for the ZEQ. Selection points are awarded for the following selection criteria:

  • TMS test result (max. 50 points)
  • Completed and study-relevant vocational training (35 points)
  • Recognized professional activity (15 points)

Re. 2nd and 3rd: The subject-specific study aptitude test (TMS)

One criterion for applications is the test for medical degree programs (TMS). Please note that the test must be taken before applying for the degree program. Participation in the test is subject to a fee. Participation in the test is voluntary. Current information on the organization and costs can be found at: tms-info.org

The Test for Medical Study Programs (TMS) is a subject-specific study aptitude test that assesses understanding of scientific and medical problems. The test, which consists of various subtests, is used to determine the extent to which the test taker is able to grasp and correctly interpret complex information presented in longer texts, tables or graphs, as well as how well they can deal with quantities, units and formulas. The TMS also tests memory, accuracy of visual perception, spatial awareness and the ability to work with concentration and care. It does not test subject-specific knowledge that is the subject of the Abitur examination or another examination that leads to a university entrance qualification.

Further information on the TMS: tms-info.org

Further information and legal bases can be found in the "Admission Regulations for the Veterinary Medicine degree program of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin".

University admission without Abitur

You can also apply for a place at university without a high school diploma - if you are professionally qualified. You can find information on the requirements for admission to the degree program on the page "Application without Higher Education Entrance Qualification" and in an information sheet from the Student Administration Office.

Where do applications have to be submitted?

Applications should only be sent to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung ("hochschulstart"). Please do not send any documents to the School of Veterinary Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin. Further information can be found here: hochschulstart.de

Chances of getting a study place?

There are a number of tools and apps that track and compare past selection thresholds and scores for medical degree programs. The evaluations of university start calculators can serve as a guide.