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Veterinary Skills Net

Model-based teaching at the FB

Model-based teaching at the FB

Welcome to the Veterinary Skills Net!

The Vet Skills Net is a cross-clinic network for clinical practical training in the study of Veterinary Medicine. Important skills can be practiced on teaching models in a protected and stress-free environment as part of courses and independent learning. Students are allowed to make mistakes on these models, which have no consequences for an animal, and can learn from them. In addition to practical clinical skills, the Skills Net also teaches the communication skills essential for future veterinarians as well as the basics of scientific work.

We are pleased to present our background, courses, visions and current projects on the following pages!


Oertzenweg 19b, Haus 4 (Dekanat)
14163 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0) 838 63877
E-mail: vet-skills-net@vetmed.fu-berlin.de

Coordination: Dr. Samira Schlesinger

Further insights can be found on our Instagram page