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Veterinary Skills Net

The Veterinary Skills Net has been developed and is expanding in an effort to improve hands-on clinical training while reducing or refining the use of live animals. A working group consisting of interested teachers from various institutions since then meets regularly in Skills Net Café rounds to coordinate the progress of the Veterinary Skills Net initiative, which is realized in a decentralized manner. The group first developed a strategy based on offering hands on training in clinical, scientific and communication skills and compiled a list of already existing animal and other models used for skill development and instructed self-training, which were partially developed in collaboration with the students themselves. In a second phase, gaps in skill-based learning were identified, and a list of models / learning stations to be established was drafted. This list was discussed in the educational committee and forwarded to the Deans office with a recommendation of funding. Since then, several learning stations have been developed and integrated in the learning processes of students, mainly those in 2nd to 5th year. The integration of the models takes place both in the curricular teaching and in voluntary, additional learning offers. Within the framework of a Skills Net concept, students are given the possibility, both under supervision and independently, to practice and consolidate relevant skills on models or in simulations close to reality. The spectrum of Skills Net models available at the Faculty is continuously expanded.

Since 2017 the veterinary library in collaboration with the Skills Net lends out learning boxes to students.

For further information and pictures please visit the website of the Veterinary Skills Net (German version).




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14163 Berlin

Phone + 49 30 838 50422

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E-Mail vet-skills-net@fu-berlin.de

Coordinator: Dr. Samira Schlesinger