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German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)

Proof of regular academic performance (Form 5)

The BAföG office usually requires proof of regular performance status at the fourth semester and (depending on the course of study, also at a later date). The certificate according to § 48 BAföG (Form 5), which must be issued by the BAföG coordinator responsible for your respective degree program, serves this purpose. The certificate is issued in 3 steps:

Step 1: Preliminary examination

The following information is required from you for the preliminary check, which you should send to the Office of Student Affairs by e-mail from your official FU e-mail address. Your application cannot be processed without this information.

  1. Details of the student's surname, first name, date of birth, place of birth
  2. Information about your person and study status
    • Your enrollment number
    • Information on your study status:
      • Regular course of study:
      • The successful completion of all physics examinations is decisive for the assessment of the regular course of study. The assessment of the regular course of study requires a personal confirmation of all successfully completed Physikum examinations. If this confirmation is not available, the regular course of study cannot be confirmed.
      • If there are any deviations from the regular course of study, please list the missing coursework and examinations as well as the planned study schedule; this information will be checked at the Examinations Office.
    • What should be confirmed (The request from the BAFÖG office contains a date on which a certain level of performance should be confirmed, e.g. 4th FS on 2023-09-30).
    • Your grant number (if available)

Step 2: Issue of the certificate

After a preliminary check by the Office of Student Affairs, the BAföG coordinators will issue the certificate.

You will receive the certificates by e-mail from the Office of Student Affairs.

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