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Internal Accreditation

In the internal accreditation process, the Executive Board of Freie Universität Berlin uses the following criteria to review whether a Bachelor or Master degree program has undergone the stipulated quality assurance procedures according to the rules:

  • Conceptual Assessment
  • Legal Assessment
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Peer Consultations with external specialists
  • Decentralised evaluations
  • Centralised evaluations
  • Quality reports on studying and teaching

If so, the program is accredited by the Executive Board of Freie Universität Berlin in accordance with the right of self-accreditation. The degree program receives the quality seal of the German Accreditation Council, is included in the database of the German Accreditation Council and is listed on the website of Freie Universität Berlin under "Accredited Degree Programs".

University-accredited degree programs at the School of Veterinary Medicine:

  • Bachelor Equine Sciences (BSc)
  • Master Small Animal Science (MSc, postgraduate)
  • Master Equine Medicine (MSc, postgraduate)