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As a basic principle, instructors at the Department of Veterinary Medicine are free to evaluate any number of their own courses at any time and obtain individual feedback on them.

For the subjects in the fields listed in Annex 1 to the German Veterinary Medical Licensure Law (Verordnung zur Approbation von Tierärztinnen und Tierärzten – TAppV) and the courses involved in organ-centered block teaching, the department requires instructor-related course evaluations that are performed according to certain rules and at certain intervals stipulated in the evaluation plan. This internal departmental specification is to be understood as a minimum standard; it is up to the instructors if they wish to evaluate their courses repeatedly on a shorter schedule.

For newly appointed university instructors in the first year of their teaching activities at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Freie Universität Berlin, the course evaluation takes place during that first year. Those reapplying to work at the department or applying to extend their positions are required to provide proof of participation in a course evaluation.