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Lectureships at the School of Veterinary Medicine

Under certain conditions, the department has the option of awarding lectureships for a limited period of time to cover teaching requirements and support the range of courses on offer. Teaching assignments are only awarded in exceptional cases and after prior consultation with the dean's office.

Please note the following:

  • Lecturers should have at least a university degree, pedagogical aptitude and several years of professional experience.

  • Lectureships do not constitute an employment relationship with the university.

  • A lectureships must be remunerated. Lectureship fees are only paid to the extent that the lecturer actually carries out his or her teaching activities, except in the case of an approved interruption.

Further information for lecturers can be found here.

The guideline on the amount of teaching assignment remuneration is published in the Official Gazette of Freie Universität Berlin. The current version can be found here (Official Gazette 36/2018, September 26, 2018).


Applications for teaching assignments at the School of Veterinary Medicine are submitted as part of the curriculum planning for the coming semester.

Teaching assignments must be submitted by the executive director and forwarded to the academic office. The decision to award a teaching assignment is made by the faculty council. Please note that the application must be submitted to the dean's office at least two weeks before the respective departmental council meeting so that it can be dealt with at the meeting. The deadline for submitting applications for the following semester is two weeks before the penultimate departmental council meeting of the current semester.

The relevant form must be used for the application and all details for each course must be entered accordingly. This is necessary so that all teaching assignment data can be correctly transferred to the administration systems. If you would like to apply for several courses for one lecturer, please complete the form several times for the additional courses.

For lecturers who are to receive a teaching assignment at the School of Veterinary Medicine for the first time, or in the event of changes to personal data, the office of student affairs requires the completed personnel questionnaire and the query regarding the right to vote.

The faculty administration issues the teaching assignment in writing on the basis of the faculty council resolution.

Once the teaching assignment has been completed, the lecturer must apply to the departmental administration for payment of the teaching assignment remuneration using the appropriate form. The performance of the teaching assignment must be confirmed by the executive director.


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