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BEVL offers a wide variety of shipping options to meet the needs of every veterinary practitioner.

Diagnostic specimens can be dropped off at the laboratory (personal delivery) or shipped via any delivery companies. All specimens submitted for testing must be accompanied by a completed Anamnesis form. Alternatively, you can fill the online Anamnesis form on the website. Once the testing is completed, the results will be sent to the ordering veterinarian. 

Proper labeling and packaging of specimens will facilitate accurate and timely testing results; see sampling tips (Proben entnahme). Proper packaging is important to avoid any contamination of transport vehicles and prevent public health hazards. The packaging must consist of at least 2 components (primary and secondary). The primary container should be a watertight and leak-proof (for example: blood collection tubes or screw capped container). It is preferable that the primary container be wrapped in absorbent material in sufficient quantity to absorb the entire contents should liquid leak out, and placed in a secondary leak-proof packaging (for example: a plastic bag with a zip top). If the Anamnesis sheet will be sent with the samples, we recommend to put it in a waterproof bag as well. If necessary, place an ice pack or gel pack to keep the specimen cool (please avoid using frozen water filled bags as ice packs to prevent leakage). 

We recommend that specimens sent to the laboratory have a maximum of 24-48 hours total transit time.  Shipping on Fridays or before long weekends/holidays is not recommended.  


  • Do not send any samples in syringes with needles attached.
  • Remove all sharp objects from the boxes.
  • Please do not send in samples in gloves, OB sleeves, or leaky containers.
  • We recommend that samples be addressed to the laboratory rather than to an individual who might be away for any reasons.

Receiving results

Results/laboratory reports can be sent by all means of delivery including, fax, email, and/or regular mail.

Invoices will be sent to the owner after testing the specimens and sending the reports.