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Nutrition Consultation Service

Nutritional services

Dear pet owners, dear colleagues

On the 16th of February 2017 our nutrition consultation service for pet- and farm animals will be closed.

Beginning in March 2017 there will be a new nutrition consultation service for dogs and cats at our facilities. This service will be offered by Dr. Susan Kröger. www.tierernaehrung-kroeger.de

For cases under service as well as for questions regarding the new service, our institutes email is still available: tierernaehrung@vetmed.fu-berlin.de

If you have questions regarding farm animals or want an analysis of hay- or feedsamples, please contact our office:

Telefon: 030 – 838 52256

Fax: 030 – 838 458299

E-Mail: tierernaehrung@vetmed.fu-berlin.de