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Risk Assessment of GM Food and Feed

Alternative in vitro testing approaches for commercialized GM food/feed: GRACE (GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence) is an EU research project that aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the scientific data available on risk and benefits assessments for GM plants and GM food and feed. Our project will focus on the analysis of the transcriptome and proteome of tissue samples from various animal trials. Another focus is the development of alternative in vitro methods that enable examination of how suitable they are and what useful scientific information they provide for health risk assessments of GM food and feed.

Feed/livestock production chains: MARLON (Monitoring of Animals for Feed-related Risk in the Long Term) is an EU research project that will systematically collate information on feed and livestock production chains that possibly link animal health with consumption of feed containing genetically modified plants. The project further aims to develop an epidemiological model that focuses on livestock animal health in relation to the consumption of genetically modified feed.