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We intend to draw more attention to the poster presentations at our meeting. Therefore, we are glad to announce the “Poster Slam Spots”.

Poster presenters have the opportunity to send in a short video (max. 45 sec) about the content of their poster. These videos will be shown during the oral presentation sessions in order to raise the interest of the audience.

The short video spots serve two purposes: They should raise the interest of the audience (more discussion partners at your poster) and also spice up the sometimes exhausting oral presentation sessions.

Therefore, we imagine fascinating, funny, fancy „poster commercials“.

We are looking forward to see the creative 45 second spot “selling” your scientific achievements.

And: We hope you have FUN creating the video!

Please note the following important points:

  1. The scheduled time for each spot is exactly 45 seconds. Videos longer than 45 seconds will not be presented.
  2. The spots should be in AVI Format.
  3. The deadline for spot submission is February 1st, 2012.
  4. Please submit your videos via „rapidshare“ (www.rapidshare.com)



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