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The learning platform 'Blackboard'...

is the central contact point for students of veterinary medicine. Here, lecturers provide accompanying materials such as lecture handouts in PDF format for the preparation and follow-up of course content. Supporting systems such as 'FU-Wikis' provide more extensive explanations, the interactive teaching and learning platform 'tet.folio' which provides a wide variety of multimedia content or the video platform 'Vbrick Rev' in which, for example, lecture recordings that can be used at any time can be played back as videos, are linked directly if required, which means that the authentication that would actually be required again when students access these components is no longer necessary.

Every student has a central account that they can use to log in.
When registering in Blackboard, please make sure that you have entered your FU e-mail address. This is the only way to ensure that internal FU information remains internal to the FU!


The current lectures...

...can be found in the central course catalog of Freie Universität Berlin.
Enter 'Aschenbach' in the search field to obtain a list of the most important events.

Course catalog

The internship regulations...

you will receive at the beginning of the physiological exercises.

The hygiene regulation...

can be found in the internal area*) of the Department of Veterinary Medicine under the following link

Hygiene regulation

i.e. the area that is only available when the requesting computer system is in the VPN (on campus via  'eduroam', from outside via 'Cisco VPN-Client') is located in the network of Freie Universität Berlin

The learning objectives and the learning objectives catalog...

can be found in the internal area*) under the following links

Learning objectives and Learning objectives catalog