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Mass Spectrometry

About us

The Mass Spectrometry Unit at the Veterinary Center Resistance Research (TZR) combines a multidisciplinary approach at the interface of anti-infective resistance research, mass-spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics as well as functional imaging to develop new strategies to prevent resistances. The Mass Spectrometry Unit is equipped with the latest technology for the purposes of tackling a variety of multifaceted scientific and applied clinical questions.


The services of the TZR mass spectrometry unit include sample preparation, mass spectrometric analysis, as well as primary processing and evaluation for qualitative and quantitative omics approaches. The list prices for internal or external cooperation partners can be found in the user regulations.

Mass Spectrometry Imaging: Determination and identification of molecular signatures (proteins, peptides, metabolites) and functional information directly from tissue sections.

Qualitative and Quantitative Omics Technologies: (Non)targeted identification and characterization of proteins/metabolites from various biomaterial (e.g. cell products, cultures, tissues).

Mass spectrometry method development: Design and standardization of mass spectrometry methods to answer specific research questions.

Computational mass spectrometry: Establishing machine learning (ML) to develop molecular classifiers for stratification and development of computational applications for data analysis.


MALDI-ToF/ToF ultrafleXtreme mass spectrometer (Bruker)

Triple Quadropole 6495C mass spectrometer (Agilent)

micrOToF-Quadropole mass spectrometer (Bruker)

nanoHPLC with MALDI-Spotter (Agilent)

HTX TM-Sprayer (HTXImaging)

Full Slide Scanner (Epson)

Biopharma Compass

Mascot Server



Dr. Benjamin-Florian Hempel

Veterinary Center for Resistance Research (TZR)

-Head Unit Omics-

Department of Veterinary Medicine

Freie Universität Berlin

Robert-von-Ostertagstr. 8

D-14163 Berlin, Germany


Tel.: +49 30 838 72744

Fax.: +49 30 838 472744

E-mail: benjamin.hempel@fu-berlin.de


Direct link to book services and equipment via OpenIRIS.


  • Mass Spectrometry