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At present nine leading scientists of the Department of Veterinary Medicine with corresponding national and international expertise (PI, Applicants for the the VCR² to the German Science Council "Wissenschaftsrat") together with eight other scientists close to the VCR² program and the Dean of the Department of Veterinary Medicine form the VCR² steering group. From these, twelve members of the VCR² executive board are elected with a coordinating VCR² spokesman and a deputy.

Current members VCR² executive board are:

The VCR² steering group is responsible for the development of the research concept and the utilization concept, including the allocation of space to working groups of the department and local, national and international cooperation partners (after evaluation regarding the compatibility with the VCR² research program and cost sharing). The VCR² executive board and the VCR² spokesperson elected by the VCR² steering group are responsible for administration and case-by-case decisions in the VCR² as well as for contact with potential cooperation partners, third-party funding agencies and the scientific advisory board of the VCR².

A scientific advisory board formed by external experts, who are excellently qualified nationally and internationally for the issue of resistance issues, advises the VCR² steering group and the VCR² executive board in the further development of the research concept.

Current members VCR² advisory board are:

Further information on the conception of the VCR², the cooperation possibilities with the working groups of the VCR² as well as the later use of the infrastructural and technical resources of the VCR² for external working groups can be obtained by: