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Mission / Mandate

FAO Reference Centres are institutions designated by the Director-General of FAO and are regarded  as centres of excellence in providing technical expertise, diagnostic services, laboratory and field training, in coordinating research and developmental studies, and in contributing to FAO projects.

Areas of collaboration, the institution’s mandate, annual reporting, and terms of use for the FAO logo are described in the designation letter, which is valid for four years.

Designation Letter of FAO (2012)

This FAO Reference Centre for Veterinary Public Health was established in 2012. After evaluation of the activities and achievements between 2012 and 2016 as well as between 2016-2020 the FAO renewed the designation now being valid until 27 September 2024.

Renewal of Designation letter (2016)
Renewal of Designation letter (2020)

The mandate of the FAO Reference Centre for Veterinary Public Health includes the following functions:

  • standardization of technology, therapeutic and other substances, and of methods/procedures;
  • provision of reference substances and services such as quality assurance;   
  • participation in collaborative research of a scientific, technical or policy nature;   
  • contribution to capacity development inter alia through the provision of training;  
  • coordination of activities carried out by other institutions;   
  • provision of information and advice of a scientific, technical and policy nature.

An excellent description of the FAO Corporate policy for FAO Reference Centres , the technical areas covered and the process for designation of FAO Reference Centres is given in EMPRES Transboundary Animal Disease Bulletin No. 40 – 2012, p. 28 - 30.