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About Us

The Small Animal Clinic of the Freie Universität Berlin is at your disposal all year long and 24 hours a day.

The Small Animal Hospital is primarily a university related referral clinic for veterinarians and veterinary clinics. We are predestined for and focused on challenging cases, by offering highly specialised and state of the art services. Well-rehearsed teams of national and internationally recognized experts consisting of medical professors and veterinarian specialists, interns, highly motivated students and stockmen intensively take care of your animal.

As one of the five German university clinics, we seek to directly integrated results of research work in practical medical use. Our mission is to advance veterinary medicine at the interface of discovery and application. Therefore, we are dedicated to excellence in research, educational programs and professional service. This also involves that veterinary students in the last year of their DVM program, examine and treat companion animals during scheduled appointments as well as in-patient care. The student clinicians are supervised by faculty veterinarians to assure the highest level of medical care at all times.