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Our dermatological consultation

Wir bieten an:

  • Clarification of skin diseases associated with itching and/or hair loss
  • Treatment of paw and claw diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin diseases (incl. hyposensitisation)
  • Treatment of ear diseases (incl. video otoscopy)
  • Treatment of autoimmune diseases

The skin examination begins with a detailed assessment of the patient's medical history. After a general clinical examination, the skin is examined. Depending on the skin lesions, the following examinations are carried out:

  • Flea comb to search for fleas and flea faeces
  • Microscopic assessment of the hair (trichogram)
  • Skin scrapings for the detection of parasites
  • Cytological examination for the detection of e.g. inflammatory cells, infectious agents, tumour cells
  • Examination for a fungal infection using Wood's lamp, preparation of a fungal culture
  • ETaking skin biopsies for histological examination to confirm autoimmune diseases and tumours and in unclear cases
  • Blood and urine tests for suspected hormonal skin diseases, immune diseases, vasculitis and in unclear cases