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Our services are provided in accordance with the Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte settled.

Support options for pet owners in need

The following links provide pet owners in need with information about support options:

Animal aid campaign

The maintenance of the emergency service of the Small Animal and Pet Clinic of Freie Universität Berlin is jeopardised. It can no longer be guaranteed that animals can be treated, cared for and looked after in emergencies.

What is the emergency service worth to you? Please donate to:
  •     Recipient: Main cashier of the FU
        Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
        IBAN: DE 35 1007 0848 0512 1587 00
        BIC: DEUTDEDB110
        Intended: purpose (always state): 0425007198/28290
        Keyword: Veterinary emergency service, Düppel

If you require a donation receipt, please send a corresponding request by e-mail to: