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Reproductive medicine of cattle and small ruminants

AG Reproduktionsmedizin & Eutergesundheit

AG Reproduktionsmedizin & Eutergesundheit
Image Credit: Josefin Wegmann, 2024

The staff in the ruminant department specialize in issues relating to the reproduction and udder health of cattle, sheep, goats and New World camelids. Our staff can be reached by telephone around the clock and emergency patients can be admitted as inpatients at any time. Our regular activities are:

  • Birth monitoring, conservative obstetrics and incisional deliveries and fetotomies
  • Treatment of teat injuries and udder diseases
  • Therapy for fertility disorders
  • Carrying out castrations and inseminations

We carry out pregnancy examinations and castrations for New World camelids. As part of our herd management, we provide advice on metabolic, fertility and udder problems as well as regular pregnancy and sterility examinations and puerperal checks.

Office hours

By telephone appointment on 030 838 62618 (Mon to Fri: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm).

Emergency telephone outside consultation hours (manned 24 hours a day): 0171 76 50 680

We would like to point out that telephone consultations are also charged according to the scale of fees for veterinarians.

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