Veterinary medical research

Veterinary Medical Research

Interested in the research activities pursued at the Department of Veterinary Medicine?

This section will give you the most important facts:

All 20 academic and clinical units (WE1–20) are involved in a number of different subject-specific research projects alongside their extensive teaching assignments within the course of study in veterinary medicine. This enables us not only to provide students with the generally established base knowledge applied in the field, but also to inform them of innovative developments and cutting-edge technologies.

The department seeks to promote the formation of effective networks, both within the Berlin/Brandenburg academic and scientific community and as part of international cooperative research projects. This is an area of particular focus in considering future appointments. We support our junior researchers in designing innovative projects and applying for funding, thereby contributing to the establishment of academic and scientific networks.

The vice dean for research supports communication between academic staff and research groups and documents all current research activities within the department.

The basis of the overview provided by the office of the vice dean for research is data from various sources, including the annual self-evaluation performed by the Department of Veterinary Medicine (performance-related allocation of funds), the successful European evaluation (EAEVE) performed in 2008, the 20 scientific institutions’ self-depictions on the Internet, internal department data on research activities, and current Freie Universität statistics as well as the department’s database of publications.

In the context of the new SFB 852 "Nutrition and Intestinal Microbiota Host Interaction in the Pig" (DFG 2009) our scientists will help to discover details about the impact of nutritional factors on the intestinal microbiota and the host reaction in pigs.