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News from Oct 14, 2016

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News from Oct 10, 2016

Journal Club - Current Themes in Infection Immunology

Our next Journal Club will take place on 20.10.2016 (5 p.m. - 6 p.m). We will talk about "Affinity for self-antigen selects Treg cells with distinct functional properties".

News from Oct 09, 2016

Role Models in Infection Biology

November 22nd: Scientific talk about "Diverse roles for B cells in anti-helminth immunity" (Prof. Dr. Nicola Harris, EPFL, Switzerland) follwed by lunch and career briefing.

News from Oct 05, 2016

Berlin Parasitology Seminar (BPS)

November 8th: Scientific talk about "Wild rodents as a natural laboratory to study genomics and immunity", Steve Paterson (University of Liverpool, UK)

News from Oct 01, 2016

GRK2046: The magazine "VidH" introduces us!

Read more about the Department of Veterinary Medicine's new graduate school... in German.

News from Jan 13, 2016