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Aptitude Test

The test is a selection process, consisting of an online questionnaire with 180 questions that you answer on a computer by clicking the answer. It has two parts: one set of questions regarding your personal characteristics, and one on your interests and inclinations. The test is multiple choice and takes about 30 minutes.

The test currently in use was developed by veterinary experts, working in concert with professional analysts who focus on determining an applicant’s gifts and talents. The procedure, which meets the requirements for processes and their use for vocational aptitude assessments (DIN 33430), is not a test of knowledge or intelligence. No preparation is necessary, nor is preparing for the test considered productive. Your test results will be compared against profiles of requirements/reference profiles prepared by veterinary medicine experts from the various veterinary job groups.

How well your profile matches the expert profiles is one of the base factors used to rank applicants, along with your grade on the certificate of general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) and any vocational training program you may have completed.