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Animal welfare, yield, health, reproduction of livestock

Animal Welfare, Yield, Health, Reproduction of Agricultural Livestock

As part of this initiative, which was funded by the Margarete Markus Foundation, the animal protection-related aspects of today’s animal husbandry systems and pathophysiological developments were analyzed. Based on a multidisciplinary approach to research, the Institutes of Veterinary Physiology, Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Biochemistry, Animal Welfare and Behavior and Veterinary Pathology teamed with the Institute of Poultry Diseases to examine production-related diseases and deformities in ruminants and poultry. Important projects are currently underway regarding the physiology and pathology of reproduction in cattle and pigs (cooperative projects between the Animal Reproduction Clinic, the Institute of Veterinary Biochemistry, the Research Center for Livestock Biology (FBN) in Dummerstorf, and the Institute for Livestock Reproduction (IFN) in Schönow. Particular areas of focus within this initiative include yield-related abnormal regulations in the female genital tract (metritis, reproductive tissues).